Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lucio Spain, UGLH and Robert Feedmann´s EP on Cellaa Music

Original track - Bishop' sees the Team explore their playful side, without losing sight of their inherent musicality and artistic instinct. It is a dirty slice of house and they have kept their sound loud and large, and, whilst their latest incarnation packs plenty of punch. `Bishop` is a slow builder that playfully teases with a nice vocal before joyfully filtering the lead sample into mix. This one is adjusted to drive the crowds, whether in clubs or festivals.
On the remix of - Bishop', Cellaa welcomes Aldo Cadiz, who takes the original on a deeper but equally groovy path, bathing it in atmospherics and injecting some seriously slapping bass. Very powerful stuff and there is absolutely no way around it's rave antics and monstrous kickdrum. The result is more than effective and sucks your mind right into Mr. Cadiz's Musical Universe.

- Rap Of The Guly' a house cut which is influenced by raw techno sounds. A rolling bassline and strong synth, are matched with a trippy sound that creates a very special atmosphere. The track expertly straddle the line between house and techno, with the Trios trademark rolling tech-funk grooves driving the dance in its own exceptional way. - Rap Of The Guly' will work perfectly for every DJ to pave the way to whatever is set to come.

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