Monday, June 30, 2014

Elchinsoul - Arc EP

Arc & On hold are 2 massive tracks for big dancefloors with a fat bassline and groovy texture.
Eearly Supported by:
Carlos Sanchez, WADE, Franco Bianco, Marco Carola, Marius Laurentiu, Nick Daring , Nina Soul, Primarie, Simina Grigoriu, Gare Mat K, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Massimo Girardi, Wehbba, Slam, Stanisha, The Mekanism, Amin Eedge, Camiel Daamen and many many more.
Released by:
Moonfire Music Lab
Release/catalogue number:
Release date:
15 October 2013

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Souldynamic Podcast #005

1 Luka ft Beesting - Unexpected (Rancido's Travelling Soul Mx)
2 Vinnie's Poem (TR AR Remix)
3 Mena Keys & Marln D - Ride The Storm
4 Tony Humphries - Charlie Sez
5 Boyd Jarvis - Don't Deny Love (Souldynamic Club Mix) King Street Sounds
6 Superstar (QH Remix)
7 Souldynamic ft. Miranda Nicole - Trust (Mix 2) Tribe Records
8 Jihad Muhammad - Excursions
9 Hallex M - Break Sweat (Pablo Martinez Remix)
10 Gigi Testa - Anikulapo (Souldynamic Black Panther Mix) Tribe Records
11 Joe,Kelly Rowland - Love & Sex (Spellband & Jacko Remix)
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Kalabrese "Stone On Your Back" (Frank Wiedemann Remix)

WONNEmusik - Podcast 017 - Compact Grey

Soundcloud: @compact-grey
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Bruno Limma - Phonetic EP

Roachford - Work It out - The Remixes

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Riccicomoto - flyin high / feat. silvia bollnow(jazzyhuana dub) FREE DOWNLOAD

this here is another free bonus track for free download...100 times...!!!
some feedback:
"Always very stylish and deeply jazzly, riccicomoto is always able to wrap me with its sound. Molto bello!"
Umbi Damiani / A&R Director von IRMA RECORDS
"The new riccicomoto Production “THE BEAT CONSPIRACY” is a delicious audio treat for your ears, your mind, your body & soul ! Enjoy the trip !"
DJ Jondal
"riccicomoto's unique and genius sound is captured in a very complete, delicious deep dub jazzy album, I suggest all conspire to have these beats!"
Tim Angave /The Chillout Lounge Mix
...while listening to 'The Beat Conspiracy' you will find out about the skills of riccicomoto...
...he understands how to naturally combine a variety of elements...
...dub meets downbeat - meets jazz & electronic...
...he varies styles in unusual ways and this distinguishes his sound from other producers....

Pitto - Shadows (Edwin Oosterwal Dub)

After Pittos album "Objects In A Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear" on GREEN, we could not wait to put out fresh material from the blooming artist. With his new multi-layered EP "Shadows" Pitto yet again takes us deep into house music. The beautiful melody played by Woodie S, the continuos clicking pattern and the synthesised baseline create a sublime piece of audio that has an almost supernatural perspective. The introduction of vocals accentuates the echoes of the lyrics that adds another dimension to Johannes Breacht Remix. While Edwin Oosterwal's Dub adds further depth creating a chilled vibe by intensifying the other worldly state the track divulges into.

2 Years Of Natural Rhythm 2x12"


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lucio Spain, UGLH and Robert Feedmann´s EP on Cellaa Music

Original track - Bishop' sees the Team explore their playful side, without losing sight of their inherent musicality and artistic instinct. It is a dirty slice of house and they have kept their sound loud and large, and, whilst their latest incarnation packs plenty of punch. `Bishop` is a slow builder that playfully teases with a nice vocal before joyfully filtering the lead sample into mix. This one is adjusted to drive the crowds, whether in clubs or festivals.
On the remix of - Bishop', Cellaa welcomes Aldo Cadiz, who takes the original on a deeper but equally groovy path, bathing it in atmospherics and injecting some seriously slapping bass. Very powerful stuff and there is absolutely no way around it's rave antics and monstrous kickdrum. The result is more than effective and sucks your mind right into Mr. Cadiz's Musical Universe.

- Rap Of The Guly' a house cut which is influenced by raw techno sounds. A rolling bassline and strong synth, are matched with a trippy sound that creates a very special atmosphere. The track expertly straddle the line between house and techno, with the Trios trademark rolling tech-funk grooves driving the dance in its own exceptional way. - Rap Of The Guly' will work perfectly for every DJ to pave the way to whatever is set to come.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

French-born, Geneva-based Lee van Dowski has long been a pioneering force in the global tech house scene. As a key member of the Cadenza family he has had countless seminal releases on labels like Rekids, Soma, Bpitch Control, Wagon Repair and Intacto and here he turns up on Anja Schneider's Mobilee with a new four tracker that reasserts his unique style. It is a collaborative EP made alongside Malta producer Dean Demanuele, who has ties to Bedrock and Mobileeamongst other labels. 'The Impossible' is a crisp bit of loopy tech with a great spoken word vocal sample. The rolling kicks prop up cute synth vamps and you can see this one getting caned on terraces everywhere this summer. 'Crossing The T' is a similarly tracky affair designed for some serious dancing. The wooden kicks keep on coming as turbo charged bass notes drive things along. It's hypnotic and invitingly repetitive before 'Put Your Shoes On' follows a more upright and urgent path. Here juddery claps and drunken synth sounds tease and please in equal measure. Finally, 'Inside Out' is the deepest offering of the lot, with plinky plonk percussion, raw hand claps and a deep, elastic baseline that brings plenty of energy to the mix. Once again here Mobilee serve up the infectious dancefloor goods from a pair of talents old and new that really excel together.

Luciano@ BPM 2014 Cadenza

Born in a small village in the heart of St Croix, Luciano aka Lucien-N-Luciano spends his first years in Switzerland, which he departs in the summer of 1988 to follow his mothers' roots to Santiago, Chile. Not only the distance in miles, but the distance in music cultures between these two continents intrigues and seduces the twelve year old and soon he starts to play what was going to be his very first instrument and a critical influence in his muiscal career - the spanish Guitar. Luciano used the guitar as a tool to learn the fundamentals of melody and rhythm, his self learnt skills were practiced in local bands. Surrounded by latin rhythms and rich melodies, he develops a strong curiosity for a diversity of music styles and soon after, in one of his trips back to Europe, experiences the machine sounds of techno as it made waves across Europe during the early years of rave culture and acid house movement. Soon enough, he began to fusion both worlds thousands of miles apart and incorporate the sound into his own style. When a small electronic scene began to rise in Chile in 1994 and at the age of 16, Luciano and other Chilean friends, Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack aka Martin Schopf, Adrian Schopf organized and promoted several events in Chile. Due to the slow development of the scene in Santiago and the lack of elements that would support the scene such as music magazines and the appropriate clubs to play in, he decides to return to his native Switzerland in 2001 and expand and explore his fascination with electronic music and sound engineering. A year after, Luciano begins to travel widely playing as a DJ and live act, and ever since one can hear his melodies in clubs throughout the world. He has released on labels such as Perlon, Klang, Transmat, Mental Groove, Max Ernst, Bruchstuecke and Peacefrog - not to forget Cadenza, his own label. His project name Lucien-N-Luciano is used to portray the slower downbeat productions while the productions under his own name Luciano are aimed towards pleasure on the dancefloor. Luciano's music is widely appreciated because of its graceful melodies, love for detail and colorful patterns merging into an amazing rhythm one can enjoy at home or in a club. Rhythms rise and fall like a gentile tide of bubbly ocean, big string arrangements spread across vast expanses of air, while a micro burst of sound pop out from under the smooth, texturized grooves. FOR ALL OF US LUCIANO IS THE MUSIC !!!!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sofi De La Torre - Vermillion (Andre Crom & Chi Thanh Remix)

Artist: Sofi De La Torre
Title: Vermillion
Label: OFF Recordings
Release number: OFF090
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Distribution: Baseware Distribution (Digital) / (Vinyl)
Releasedate: 09.06.2014 (Digital) / 2014 (Vinyl)
File Under: DeepHouse
1. Sofi De La Torre – Vermillion (Andre Crom & Chi Thanh Remix)
Sofi De La Torre has a special charm, the sound of her voice inspires millions of thoughts and melodies and that was no exception for our star team composed by Andre Crom and Chi Thanh, a now steady force conquering the scene both with their original work and always hunting for fresh talent such as hers for their exciting dancefloor remakes. The beautiful and incredibly talented Spanish singer now living in berlin was kind enough to let our crew express their own interpretation of "Vermillion" (her new Single coming out in June) and as always, they turned it into another dancefloor essential full of warmth and deep feelings.
The song builds up with vibe synth stabs and horns that create a perfect atmosphere for the sweet vocals while a groovy bassline and housy drums add the perfect dance factor to the whole thing, all constructed with finesse and great taste. A true masterpiece that will sure ring in everyone's ears for a long time.

Podcast Episode #139, mixed by Deux Tigres

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Deux Tigres:

Sara Castro & Komi Mizrajim - Hecho en Berlin

Wülfpack is a collaboration of producers, djs, and artists, focused on creating an experience thru sight and sound, based out of Los Angeles, California.

Elchinsoul-Vibration 002

 01.JP Chronic-Ladies GaGa Chronovision Ibiza
 02.hyenah-the wish (manoo likes apfelschorle remix)
 03.Thorsten Hammer - Green Windows (Negru Remix)
 04.Ane Brun-To Let Myself Go (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
 05.Tim Hanmann-Arabian Midnight Original Mix KDB Records
 06.Pele & Shawnecy - Flow (Terminal M)
 07.Damian Lazarus The Ancient Moons - Lovers Eyes
 08.Luca Doobie - Be the Rainbow
 09.Da Fresh, Xenia Beliayeva - Someone (Larry Cadge Remix)
 10.chube.ka the deepshakerz-let the rhythm